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At Charlie & H we offer garments of the highest quality, with a contemporary but timeless tone. We are focused on dressing our clients with style, elegance and sophistication, using exquisite quality materials and taking care of every detail in the manufacturing process.

Charlie & H emerged with a personal desire to make our own bespoke suits, the search was exciting, it was like transporting us back in time to Saville Row in the 1800s. Immersed in this imaginary, in 2015 we decided to offer the bespoke service British in Santiago de Chile.
In 2017, combining masculine tailoring lines with a subtle sensitivity, Charlie & H women emerged. Ready-to-wear designs with tailored details that feel as fresh as they are timeless. Searching for each season garments that dialogue with each other over the years, that complement each other and that give each woman the possibility of combining them from their originality.

We would define our designs with two words: elegance and sophistication. To achieve this, we pay attention to every detail, we use 100% natural fibres, we work with tailors with years of experience in the trade and we propose garments that fuse a classic style with contemporary fits, that have as much strength as subtlety.

We work conscientiously with each of our garments, hoping for a long life for them and their passage between generations. We want to ensure that we contribute to a future that is increasingly sustainable. Our pre-order proposal not only avoids overstock but also seeks to involve our customers in the choice of fabrics, colors and details. Thus, those who wear a Charlie & H can be aware of a wonderful transformation process.

The personalized service we offer allows us direct contact with clients, constantly feeding us feedback. We can thus provide exceptional attention, offer style advice and details to each person who chooses to wear one of our garments.

We hope you like our proposal.
Macarena and Carlos